How To

Request Data From Your MIS Department

Download this Excel file TakeStockStudentDataFieldMappings2012  (or copy the web address for this page ) and email it to your MIS department when you are requesting quarterly student data. This file contains the data fields and formatting used in the Take Stock database along with some instructions. It is current as of 1/17/2012 and replaces all previous versions.


Once you receive the data files back from your MIS department, you can upload the files in the Upload section of the Take Stock database.  Instructions are in the database on how to upload your files.


If you would like to email your files instead, you can do that. When sending your data to the corporate office, make sure you password protect your Excel files or zip the files and password protect the Zip file. Then call the Take Stock Director of Information Technology with the password.


To password protect an Excel file, use the Tools option from the Save As dialog and click on General Options. There you can enter a password for opening the file.


To password protect a Zip file, use the Encrypt feature.